What Is A PTZ Camera?

A PTZ camera is considered to be an amazing addition to the industry of security camera systems. Today, in this article, we will be going into the basic details of a PTZ camera.

The full form of PTZ  is Pan Tilt Zoom. A PTZ camera is the one to which instructions can be given to pan back as well as forth, tilt upside or downside, zoom in as well as zoom out.

The PTZ cameras can either be controlled locally with the help of a joystick, or remotely through the help of an internet facility or a smartphone application.

HD PTZ Camera

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PTZ cameras are a type of surveillance cameras. But a PTZ camera alone can not solve all of your surveillance problems. There are a number of security camera systems which have high dependence on their PTZ cameras.

But this feature is useful only if a person is there in order to monitor as well as adjust the PTZ camera as and when needed.

Although there are some installations which set up their PTZ camera in such a manner that they automatically pan back and forth, but that too isn’t much of a help if the occurrence of a serious issue takes place outside the camera’s field of view at any specific moment.

PTZ Camera

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Since every problem comes with a solution, this too has a solution. This solution is broadly known by the name of  ‘auto tracking’. The feature of auto tracking makes use of analytics in order to instruct the camera so as to track as well as focus on any movement inside its field of view.

But this feature of auto tracking is not foolproof and also adds up to the cost of the camera. If you are looking for affordable as well as good PTZ cameras, then you can refer to www.angekis.com.

You must think of a PTZ camera as a bonus to your camera system.

Hope you find the article helpful!