Tips To Find Your Ideal Hair Colour

If your white hairs are visible from behind your ears. Then it’s the right time to choose a hair colour that can cover your grey hair. Either you can choose to put completely gry hair colour on you or try something new options available in the market.

Hair Colours to cover grey hair
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Finding a hair colour that can give you a natural look and suits your complexion is not impossible. Top salon Birmingham will serve your purpose. The hair hairstylist helps you to get the desired look.

In this article, we will discuss various tips that will help you find your ideal hair colour.

  • Purchase the appropriate formula

In order to purchase the appropriate formula,  you have to know what percentage of grey hair on your head you have. His will help you to purchase whether you need semi-permanent or permanent hair colour for you.

If you have 10-50% of grey hair colour, you can purchase semi-permanent hair colour whose result will fade away with every shampoo. On the other hand, if your hair is 60-100% grey then your best bet is permanent hair dye. You can see the results in 6-8 weeks.

  • Find alternatives to dark hair colour

Colours i.e. too dark have the tendency to harden facial features, which is only intensified with age. If you have a few white hairs it is good to stay in the brown palette or if your hair is more grey than black you can try lighter shades.

Opt for Natural Hair dye
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  • Opt for natural Hair dye

The best salon for color Birmingham recommends to choose a hair colour i.e. within one or two tones of your natural hair colour. If you want to make a jump, you have to access the degree of tolerance to hair regrowth and the time you have. If you can’t stand the sight of your dark roots on your desired hair then you will need to schedule a root touch up session every 4 weeks…this could be challenging and demand money for every session.

These are important tips on covering your grey hair and gives you a chic look. There are so many tricks you should consider before applying hair colour. Check out here to know incredible ideas to tackle grey hair and avoid feeling and looking older in the 20s