Our Services

Our services

Agencies sea, air and land cargo of Panama and international maritime manage its exports to Central and South America, the Caribbean and any other destination in the world both full containers and bulk cargo.

Listed below are the products with which you can have, through our services.

Maritime Boat Import from the Middle East, China, Miami, Brazil.

We offer the freight and logistics from major ports in China, Brazil, Miami: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Xiamen, Qingdao, Huangpu, Ningbo, Yantian, Shengzhen, Chiwan, Vietnam, Egypt, Rio Grande, Santos, Miami, Italy, Netherlands to Panama with Puerto service door or as you require.

Import Air China plane from Miami and Europe.

We have a service DOOR TO DOOR from China, Miami and Europe ideal for importing your samples or goods urgent, it will put it in his cellar doors. As well as their regular imports.

Export Air plane.

For the office or sent their merchandise offer office by air to Usa, South, Central America, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia with competitive rates, as well as logistics services that you require in this mode of transport. We assure immediate delivery at destination, monitoring and reporting of final delivery of the same.

National Land Transport truck.

We have means for land transport of your goods, from Colon Free Zone to Tocumen airport and vice versa, and air transportation to the East, West and inside the country.

Cargo Boat Marine Exports.

We offer our service seaborne exports both FCL and LCL from Panama City and Colon Free Zone to South and Central America, USA, Caribbean and any other destination you require.

Not Negotiable Cortes export guides.

If your company does not have staff to guide their courts and deliveries of goods, you can count on us as we provide this service at a very good price that surely will love.