Great Evolvement Of Paper And Paper Product Industry

The paper and paper products industry has become one of the most developed and prosperous markets around the globe. The paper industry has several market segments ranging from facial tissue to the innovative paper solutions for business and packaging segments also. The industry has provided some great extensions with the container and packaging industries.

However, the paper production and industries are often accused of cutting down trees for manufacturing paper and paper products. For your information, 39% of the fiber used for paper manufacturing comes from recycled paper.

Only 36 percent of wood collected in the United States is used directly to make paper and paperboard. Most of the remaining wood is picked through forest thinning or from the wood milling debris.

Paper is one of the most recycled materials in the world. According to the recent studies, 67 percent of all paper was recovered for reuse and only 27 percent of glass, 35 percent of metals, and 8 percent of plastics were recovered. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, more paper is recovered from the local solid waste stream than glass, plastic, steel, and aluminum.

There are more than hundred types of products are being manufactured for the benefits of people and daily uses. We use paper for newspapers, books, letters, and maps. And also we all use other paper products daily, including personal care items such as bathroom and facial tissue, bandages and disposable hospital clothes.

Office products include printable custom tags, brochures, business card, packagings such as envelopes, boxes, folders, building materials like insulation, gypsum board, sandpaper, toys and games like playing cards, games, kites and paper money.

To make these products the paper and paper product industry produces about 78 million tons of paper per year and it directly employs more than 300,000 people with annual income of over $40 billion.

So you can imagine how great the paper product industry is evolving and helping in employment also. If you want to know more about paper industry evolvement and extensions then click on this link and read about their contributions to the different countries.