Egypt Tour- Going beyond the Pyramids

What comes to mind when you think of Egypt? Do you see a country with lots of things to do and see, or do you only see the Pyramid? You might be surprised to know that shopping is one of the main aspects in the list of things to do during your Egypt tour.

Make a point to visit he Khan al-Khalil and you will be amazed by the great shopping opportunities available there. You don't want to miss any fees. This shopping area has been around since 1382.

Be sure to bring a map when visiting this unique market because it's easy to get lost there. Better. Consider hiring a guide. That's the best way to make sure you don't get lost. If you are looking for the holy land pilgrimage, then you can refer to this source: St. George Monastery, Wadi Qelt, Mar Saba Monastery, and Bethlehem One Day Tour.


Shopping, Deserts, Nile, and Many More Beckon Attractions

While here, it is also possible to rent a taxi or go by bus to the nearby City of the Dead, which houses the burial complex of the Mamluk sultans and their amirs. There are large khanqah here including Khanqah Barquq, Khanqah Sultan Barsbey and the Qaytbey Cemetery.

Cairo, and especially Old Cairo, also has a lot to offer in the form of extraordinary architecture and history that is characterized by the Coptic Museum.

The Egyptian Antiquities Museum must be visited on every tour of Egypt and it may take more than one day to collect all of them because there is a large collection of Egyptian antiquities to be admired and seen. 

Needless to say, you cannot go to Egypt without visiting the Pyramid. Your Egypt tour will not be complete if you do not travel to the pyramids there. For a more memorable experience, try hiring horses to enjoy the pyramids rather than using camels in locations like Gaza.