Different Type Of Scoliosis Cardio Exercises

Common forms of cardio, such as running and cycling, maybe painful for those who suffer from scoliosis.  But still, there are certain cardio scoliosis workout that helps in treating pain. 

The same thing happens when cycling; any irregularities on the ground jerk the spine.

Cardio training is not outside the realm of possibilities for those who suffer from scoliosis. Because the curved spine is sensitive to jerking, a form of exercise that keeps the heart rate without loading the spine is ideal. The following are considered safe cardio scoliosis exercises:

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1. Water Aerobics: Exercising in water is ideal for anyone suffering from back pain and spinal problems; water takes the burden of your body, making your spine unencumbered. It's also ideal for strength training and cardiovascular training because the density of water holds back your body's movements. This makes your muscles, heart, and lungs work hard.

2. Elliptical Training: An elliptical machine provides the benefits of running without a blaring effect. This machine allows you to glide rather than run, leaving your spine carefree.

3. Ladder Machine: This machine allows you to step as if walking up the stairs, but with less force transferred through your legs throughout your body.

4. Walking: This low-intensity exercise is ideal for those who want to maintain a healthy body. This might not satisfy those looking for intense training.

If one of the above causes you pain, you may be overexerting yourself. Start slowly and continue with more intense training. Cardio is very important for those who suffer from scoliosis.