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Prayer plays an integral part in the life of the human. People love to pray on a regular basis as they feel in this ways they can communicate with God.

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What are the various modes of prayer?

Talking to God – This is the one on one type prayer – in which we converse with God to develop our relationship with him. We may ask him to help us in areas that we need spiritual, physical or psychological support. It can frequently be just a general conversation, like with a beloved friend.

Praise and thanksgiving – This is the earnest, heartfelt spiritual warfare deliverance ministry where we come before the Lord thanking and praising him for his mighty power and love. We may praise him in both our earthly and spiritual language.

Requesting God’s Power – This is where we bring a particular need before the Lord and really focus on it and plead for the Lord to help us. Where we request his divine intervention and power to be utilized.

Seeking God’s will for our life – This sort of prayer needs us to open up our soul and attempt to hear what God is saying to us. We need to come humbly before him, requesting him to use us as a tool for his job – and praying for guidance and wisdom as we try to follow where he is leading us. We should also request discernment and that we will not be diverted or deterred if the enemy tries to confuse us.

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Travailing – This is an intense emotional prayer – where we are praying with all our might for somebody else. Bringing them and their needs before the Lord. Asking for a breakthrough in their life or for some specific need to be fulfilled.