– Availability of professionals with years of experience serving customers

– Personalized service, take care to deliver release in his office, collect air cards, merchandise liquidations, everything so that you do not have need to use their messengers.

– We track your shipments from the purchase order is made, until it is delivered to their respective companies or wineries.

– Network agents worldwide able to meet their needs with an optimal service and efficient logistics.

– We have mobile equipment that allows us to provide excellent service in the delivery and collection of your shipments.

– Updated monthly airfares and sea both, depending on your needs and services

– Take care of your request for quotations in record time, all-inclusive or service as the customer requires and during the course of the same day we send response.

Agencies air, land and sea cargo of Panama and internationally, we offer our air shipments around the world because we have competitive rates of the best airlines, receiving cargo on time, document preparation charge and immediate delivery at the airport